Powering digital solutions:

We transform businesses and non profit organisations with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that meets today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities.

Powering digital solutions:
{Grant Management, Award Management, Loan Management, ERP / CRM Systems, IT Consulting}

Positively Transforming Businesses

Whether you are a commercial enterprise or non profit organization, we help streamline your business processes, provide smart digital solutions to run and track your daily operations efficiently. 

Solutions we deliver

Our solutions are suitable for both not-for-profit organizations and commercial enterprises

Grant Management

Govando Grantmaking cloud-based software is packed with lots of features to increase real-time responsiveness to applicants, collaboration internally amongst reviewers, promote greater transparency throughout the entire funding life cycle.

Award Management

Govando Award Management is suitable for scholarship and a variety of awards types. This user friendly solution has many powerful features designed with privacy compliance and security considerations thereby promoting data transparency.

Loan Management

Our Loan Management product provides a comprehensive solution starting from prospecting to closure and monitoring. Lots of features such as Loan instalments, Bank & Cash, Reconciliation, Legal statements, Assets & revenues, AR & Payables, etc

Services we deliver

We handle complex business challenges and a comprehensive set of end-to-end IT services

ERP & CRM Systems

Next-gen cloud ERP & CRM systems have never been cheaper yet more powerful. They are more versatile allowing flexible scaling up or down of your processes, master data, transactional data, resource allocations, etc as the business demands changes.

Digital Transformation

We assist organizations of all sizes with transitioning to digital technology. Whether implementing an online shop or designing a mobile app, improving customer experience can often be a driving factor in digital transformations.

Project Management

Some of the key considerations for a successful project implementation are people, processes and technology. It is essential that successful projects are built on clear requirements, detailed blueprints, business processes, and clear objectives.

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