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Govando drives Business and Solution Outcomes

Who We Are

Govando is an independent IT company who provides IT solutions and IT consulting to businesses of any size. To drive immediate and future growth, we leverage on our process and technical expertise to develop simple and effective business solutions.

We listen to our customers, gain deep understanding of their requirements, processes with an aim to deliver significant value to their business. Our goal is to build long lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

At Govando, we develop cost-effective solutions that will delivery significant business benefits. We believe in using the right technology to improve everyday business processes, supporting businesses to be effective and efficient in delivering top quality service to their end-customers.

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Your Dream. Our Mission.

The Way We Work

We understand that running a business is not child’s play, so we aim to treat you the way we would want to be treated.

As a result, we consciously find a good balance on a daily basis between People, Processes and Technology.



People are the most important corner stone at Govando. Our belief of “It’s all about people!’ means that just like we treat ourselves, we consider the needs of our customers as well as their end-customers.



A Process mindset is basically, our guided and logical approach to ensure that we follow a logical sequence during requirements gathering, design & development, implementation, delivery and support phases.



We implement the latest technology solutions and innovations to simplify complex organisational processes. In addition, we look out for opportunities to automate repetitive tasks to eliminate waste and increase operational efficiency.

Our Core Values

We have three core values that influence everything that we do. From the way we work with our clients to the way we interact with each other, these values drive our daily behaviour. 


This is one of the key foundational stones that Govando is built on. We understand what it means to be passionate about your business, we appreciate what it takes! For us, it is our business decision to deliver value and meet the needs of our customers.


As technology will continue to change the world, businesses will need to adapt quickly in the way they reach their customers. At Govando, we are confident to be creative and think beyond boundaries; constantly learning and adapting to change in a constantly evolving world.


When the “right people” with complimenting skills work together, they will create great possibilities! Also true when two organisations with similar values partner together. For us, it’s more than just “it’s all about people!” For us, it’s about people with similar mindsets!

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